Soon Shine
Ravenous spirits have awakened! With the power of the sun and moon at your fingertips, draw them in with your energy and send them packing with a good jab! Simple swipe and tap controls will get you started, but you'll need speed and strategy if you want to build killer combos and keep climbing in this fast and frantic action puzzle game! Soon Shine is all about simple, score-racking fun, but there's more to this game than meets the eye. Aiming high in various play modes, snagging useful items in the shop, and acquiring new backdrops and music tracks all help keep the experience fresh as the addictive gameplay keeps you coming back for more!
Wii U™
[Nintendo eShop]
Released 2014/08/14

[Rated E]

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Interview @ Mii-Gamer
"Soon Shine is an absolute delight to play. It offers easy to learn gameplay, flawless controls, a deep and rewarding combo system that is hard to master, as well as a charming and relaxing soundtrack."
"It manages to successfully straddle the precipice between casually easy and insanely difficult. [...] Soon Shine is certainly cool and unique but the fact that it is a great puzzle game makes it truly special."
"'Simplistic' on the surface, with 'smart' and 'strategic' lurking just beneath. [...] a must-buy for arcade fans on the Wii U."
"Soon Shine has a very catchy soundtrack. It really sets the mood for the game. The backgrounds are all nice, and they add just the right amount of visual variety."
"You can expect the game to only get better after you have played it for a while."