About Dahku
Dahku Creations came to life in March of 2012 as a commercial outlet for two brothers with an overabundance of creative ambitions.

During our first two years we utilized prior work experience to develop a series of medical educational apps for iPad users, while on the more artistic side of things, tried to break into the indie games scene on iOS. As our educational apps neared completion and it became apparent that we really didn't fit into the mobile gaming scene, in early 2014 we shifted to the home console market, developing for Wii U™! Having grown up on Nintendo consoles it was a very exciting opportunity, but sadly we failed to find the necessary level of success to continue and have ceased our indie game development efforts.

Our future activites (if any) are currently up in the air, but we hope you'll enjoy what we've done up till now. Thanks for visiting!

Paul Burns, Artist
Toby Burns, Programmer